Learn how Bohus was able to build a business case on a very tangible 75% reduction in POS operational costs.
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Competing with Ikea isn’t straight- forward but Bohus remains Norway’s largest furniture retailer offering customers everything from sofas to textiles and carpets from 60 stores throughout the country. The company describes itself as a ‘complex retailer’, unlike a grocer this means products are large and when requested in store they often need to be purchased from a third party supplier with a longer lead time, more complex payment process and significant customization.

This uniqueness made the firm’s choice of POS architecture critical. More than 90% of sales originate in-store with e-Commerce accounting for just 10%, and more than 80% of the company’s sales are handled as ‘ERP Sales Orders’. A Sales Order is an on-going record that logs the customer order in the POS and manages it right through to fulfillment and payment, which often only happens when the furniture has been successfully delivered to the customer’s home.

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